poet laureate winner adesola oladoja

The Poet Laureate Prize 18′

Poetry has obviously become a creative and acceptable way of expressing emotions, ideas, concepts and opinions. However, after featuring some poets on this blog, there is going to be a season for selection of the most outspoken poet.

This selection shall be done by the tribesmen with a poll on twitter where, decisions and preferences would be made. Poems do not necessarily have to be posted on the blog but could be tagged to the Instagram account for a specific period of time.


Tradegy and Piece

Treacherous wills But you said it was good for me Fine wine and grills Then you said you needed me still In a world of depth and angst You'd find me buoy and cuddling In the mist of anger and fury You'd place me, where clouds are folding Meek distast ...


Cri de coeur collection

 Winner 04 Let the Oceans rage My Heart will still age When snow falls like crystals And my life seems like a ritual But I tell you it’s only winter I’ve always been a winner She has a grip on me so fierce Her cold breath won’t let me rest She know ...


Once upon a Crown..

In depth, clumsy  Words, philosophy Over throned, words of fame Oh lay it down, in the fathers name Growing even has my heart is pounding. Thy kingdom's will, won't leave me mourning. Quenched. All that ever was buoy Oh Queen that hath ever been ...