The Revival

One day I want to be tall

and gold

and bold

and old.

~high hopes~ TVO


Have you ever felt like everything you wanted escaped you at once?

And there’s a deep shadow in your soul.

You feel yourself lost in a meadow of temperance,

And the only emotion you feel is emotionless?

Have you been startled at how numb your heart is

And your eyes are seeing deep and shallow at the same time?

Then you need a revival

You need a remembrance of your beautiful spirit.

You need the cold air, you need the humbling Spirit.

You need a cup of wisdom and a breathe of salinity.

You need a shower and an angelic symphony.

You need a smile and a really tight hug that says

“I’m here” and I’ll always be.

You need someone that’s hungry for your soul.

You need a savior, one that as gone through it all and survived.

You need him because he rose after the greatest infirmity was inflicted on him, Death.

Death couldn’t hold him down.

Depression can’t do Zilch.

Hello Love,

Meet Truth and Love,

His name is Jesus.


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