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The Poet Laureate Prize 18′

Poetry has obviously become a creative and acceptable way of expressing emotions, ideas, concepts and opinions. However, after featuring some poets on this blog, there is going to be a season for selection of the most outspoken poet. 

This selection shall be done by the tribesmen with a poll on twitter where, decisions and preferences would be made.

The first word I noticed in his poem was “barawo”


Adesola Oladoja

Oyo State


Ace communicator, writer, poet and teacher, a semi finalist from the department of Communications and Language Arts


Adesola Oladoja Poet Laureate

Adesola Oladoja author of the poem TO MOTHERS won the Poet Laureate Prize for Torie’s blog 2018. Badged our Poet Laureate till dethroned by another. Adesola’s Poem is Creative and Revealing.

To Mothers

Before you blame my lustful wandering eyes,

take your time to check my heart.

Before you call me an uncultured ‘barawo’,

can I be allowed to plead my cause and case?

Look at Àníké with dimples garnished by pimples,

her sight gives my heart sweet bumps,

the sweet words that escape her mouth – soul music,

and all you could utter is don’t follow her.

Have you seen Foreké’s rotund body?

She is the reason I’m yet to elope – with

the lightless night of Africa.

Her eyes bear in them hope of a greater tomorrow.

Shìké’s luscious lips whispers a world to be,

In her voice, I hear my mother, waking me

to new days of greatness. New heights, new vanguards.

Even Ìwàlewà,

reminds me not to lose home. For

in her beauty lies the dearth of vainglory,

and her ‘iro’ announces my heritage in loud decibels.

So, tell me,

what is it you say about me ?

Is it my fault my eyes understand greatness,

and cherishes the beautiful brains, and lovely lasses I am surrounded with.

If for all this, I am still guilty,

then I am through with being innocent.


Barawo-thief (hausa)

Anike, Iwalewa, Foreke, Shike – Yoruba names

Iro-wrapper tied around the waist (yoruba)

Now I know there are poem critics in the house, so your opinions are welcomed. For more of Adesola’s Poems visit Bellaslettras@wordpress.com.

For more information on The Poet Laureate click here 

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