Poet Laureate 2019 Winner – Abel Okwor.

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Our Poet Laureate 2019 winner is Abel Okwor and his beautiful, prolific use of words and your votes earned him this title.

We had the usual interview session with him, with hopes that you would know him better. Meet Abel Okwor.

Abel Okwor Poet Laureate on Torie’s Blog.


Age: 27

 Institution: University of Ibadan

 – State of Origin: Enugu,

 – Country of Origin: Nigeria .

 – What are your most recent achievements?

*Winning poet Laureate

* Crossing to clinical school

*Others are personal

 – What is your inspiration for poetry?

Writing poetry is something that comes naturally. Most times it has got nothing to do with                                                  inspiration, I just write & the words flow. A few other times my daily experiences & those of others fuel my expression.

 – What/who inspired you to sign up for poet laureate

The desire to compete was actually a strong factor. On the one hand, I wanted to see how much drive I had in me to compete. On the other, I liked the fact that it was an intellectual challenge. I rate competitions like this higher than most non-intellectual ones.

– How you found out, and what you find peculiar about the compétition.

A friend of mine told me about the competition two years ago.

The poets are free to express themselves they way they want on the theme of the contest. No other restrictions (outside the theme).

 – Who is your favorite poet?

Wole Soyinka

 – Give a quick advice to your Co- Poets.

We have something priceless deep within. A voice, a collection of words, a melody of sounds needing expression. Let them flow, give them life on paper and in our world. Also, let’s strive to stick together – all poets.

Dear Poets, Live and let live.

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