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Hello guys, we all know how Unveiling the Matriarch came to being

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And Today’s feature is Hafsat Sani Sani. She is an aritst and a creative entrepreneur. Her works have been featured on a number of articles, magazines and Art exhibits. 

She’s dedicated, dynamic and afrocentric!

  • An introduction:

I am Hafsat Sani Sani. I am 27 years old. I am from kebbi state, my mom is from Bauchi but my parents ended up getting married at Kaduna, where I grew up my entire life.

Primary School- Kaduna International School, Kaduna (then Aishat Mohammed School)

Secondary School-     El-amin Secondary School, Minna (3 years)

  • Zamani College, Kaduna (3 years)

Coventry University- Foundation and university studying Business Management (4 years)

After graduating, I moved back home and took a gap year just to decide what to do with the rest of my life because business was not really working for me any longer. I guess that was the beginning were I realised the creative process was kind of awakening in me. I knew that I wanted something different, so I ended up moving to San Francisco. I went to an Art school, called “Academy of the Arts University” but I was not taking any art classes. Art can support you in your Adult life, so I found balance where I would be creative and also be able to make money when I go to work.

I studied there for 2 years, taking only Architecture and Interior design classes, then came back to Nigeria and worked for my mom at a furniture and manufacturing company , where I worked as the Interior designer and her creative director  for a couple of years. I was not involved in a lot of things, but the more I was being creative, I really just wanted to do more, that is where everything happened.

  • Acheivements:

I am still in the process of learning, So I really see everything as more of a Journey unfolding. It’s more than a list of acheivements of things I have done so I would not know what point to refer to something as an acheivement, cause it is still an ongoing process.

kweyve art
Kweyve’s Art
  • What inspires your Art?

I think I have to be honest with everyone, when I first picked up my paint brush an started this Journey, I did not have a master plan, a certain group of people I wanted to represent, something I set out to see or advocate for. I honestly picked up my brush and wanted to return to myself. I had been away from Art for so long and not feeling myself. I had thought Art would return me to my roots and I would discover who I really am. I wanted to find myself again and in the process the more I painted, the more I healed, the more I was learning, I was realizing that I was just drawing from women that I had grown around or stories of women that had inspired me.

It was not really a conscious decision, to some sub-conscious level, all of that energy was inspiring me, and that was how I changed and began to realize how important sisterhood was to me, it was definitely not planned out for me in the beginning.

Obviously, I talk more about the things women go through or the things that we put ourselves through because these are things I know. I feel like a lot of things I have been through or I put myself through are very relatable to a lot of women out there.

  • Which current Art trend are you following?

I like how expressive Art has become. I feel there would be a time it would be a defined and cleaned up. Before now, Art was safe (because people were not necessarily allowed to express how they were thinking or feeling).

However, currently with how the society is and the world evolving, everyone is a bit more expressive and unafraid of their personality. I love the trend of strong creatives who are embracing themselves unapologetically. I do not really know if I would like to refer to Art as a trend, because for me, I would not think there is any form of Art that has a trend to shine.  I feel like Art is an expression of each person, I do not think it is “trendy”

  • In a conference of other artists what do you think is your unique genre?

For a very long time, I’ve been trying to decipher what it is I am trying to do. I have been on this journey were I test out everything and see where I fit in. The only dynamic genre (only genre) I have made for myself is what I call “The Afrowhimsical” genre. It includes a mix of everything African, our culture, our women, our power, our core values, music, all of this. Everything we are made of, bringing a whimsical side to it. I really feel like there is a kind of “power” and “mystery” about the black person. Through history, thinking about our brilliance, the things we have been through, boundaries we have broken and the way that we look, the way that we are! I feel like there is so much strength in us. As much as I try to Portray the African men, the magic. I also like to think that my style is very “regal”, so when you look at it, it looks rich in every way, filled with energy.

I think this concept is very limiting. It is limiting of who I am.

I think this concept is very limiting. It is limiting of who I am. I understand that Femme- fatale is like a bad-ass woman out there, slaying and being on point all the time and just a part of who I am personally. I just feel it is very limiting and there are many other sides of who I am as a woman. I believe that I do have the aspect of who a Femme- fatale is. I know there are just very many sides to me.

  • Do you agree that this word is restrianing the Female power?

Like I said before, there are very many versions of women that exists. You do not have to fit into this mould to be able to break boundaries and do cool things and achieve your dreams. There are other are other ways by which a woman can be perceived or can be seen and still respected. It is indeed limiting.

  • Do you feel like in the future female artisans would have more room to exhibit there skills and power?

It is already happening. There are very many female artist presently who just like myself are bringing to light the grace of a woman. The society has placed us in a box and has constantly told us who we are supposed to be. There’s a rising generation of young creatives like myself, who need to express who we are and represent us. There is also a vast no of women that exists and I feel like even with the little no of creatives like myself that are beginning to rise and speak louder, it is very apparent that there is many different sides to us that needs expression. Artists are beginning to represent and also to express who the woman is. I feel I need to wait till the future to see this happening and also feel like its already happening, we are beautiful beings.

  • How would encourage other artists?

I would say always approach the art with openess, good intentions. For me Art is a sacred way of being able to express yourself, not just you but your purpose. Art as allowed me to find myself and what I am supposed to be doing. The only way that happened for me was that I began to shut all the noise out and be more cheerful with myself. I had to listen, slow everything down and look on the inside, clean it up. With all this I could give out what I feel is clean or what I feel needs to be heard from the lessons learnt. I will continually ask young creatives, to not play with the gift they are given, because they are definitely given to you for a reason. We can do this with a good intention and a heart of one thing to share.

  • Thanks for stopping by Hafsat!

You’re welcome 😊

Hello guys! I am pretty sure you enjoyed that awesome interview with Hafsat Sani Sani of the Tribe Kweyve! She’s beautiful, Multi- talented and creative. I learnt a lot of lessons and I had a nice time. Now you can show Hafsat some love via her personal Instagram or

Tribe Kweyve for more beautiful artworks (I couldn’t really insert everything ☹️)

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