Favorite blogs list on Torie's blog!

My Favorite blogs list


I’ll try as much as possible to update this list. So keep coming back.

Favorite blogs list on Torie's blog!
Your ideas are welcome

I am a sucker for books, articles, journals, blogs, In fact anything filled with knowledge written in text or ink. And during my free time (which is almost nonexistent) I love reading blog posts and checking different sites for inspiration (of course apart from mine) *flips hair*

There are blogs I really love gushing about (that might even be in no way related to me) so I  would love to share to my awesome readers (you reading this) why I love them and their dynamic genre. I would categorize them according to what I love about the content or graphics so tag along. 

Spoiler alert: This might not be according to anyone’s opinion of best blogs, but I’m holding on to the few I love.

  • Faith


Author: Tolulope

InspiritbyGrace by Tolulope

Purity, faith, love and hope is the genre of this blog. I particularly love it because it helps in building my inner person up. Her words are very inspirational.

The Gospel Untempered

The Gospel Untempered


This blog is rejuvenating, spirit filled and welcoming. It brings a form of peace when you have wavering faith, with different words in a perspective you can relate to have a growing believer. 

  •  Reading Spree (online journals)


The Republic Journal Nigeria
The Republic Journal

This is an online journal that works in creating a visionary mindset towards past and present challenges in the African society.  I especially love this journal because it gives room for creative and attentive minds to pour out grievances and joy in their own perspective.


Platinum Deremi by Ojo Aderemi

Political, Historical and psychological, these journals make you think smart! Ojo Aderemi wields this weird knowledge in your head.  Creates imaginations you’ve never thought of before.  And with his concise research he presents evidence to every thing he stands for.  I especially look forward to the SQS (serious question series).

  • Lifestyle

From fashion to creativity to life experiences, These blogs are my go-to blogs when I want to learn and have a good laugh.


Tife Adunade by Tife

Beautiful stories and lifestyle blog posts that every young Nigerian can relate to. She takes us on a journey, makes us realize that growing up and keeping up with the societal standards can be made easy.  She’s really open-minded about the blogging business. 



So many tips, experiences and humour. Cassie is a medic, creative writer,  Influencer and blogger.  Wondering how she manages her crazy life? Check out her blog.  


Idleheadblog by Oluchi

She has so many beautiful and sometimes weird experiences to share. Oluchi is a weirdo (the good kind), I especially love how she can be free with things yet morally inclined. 


Mind of Amaka by Amaka

Aesthetics+Instagram+drama. Amaka is always bae! I intentionally snicker before reading her post because she’s always serious, Nigerian and open-minded.



Great tips on entrepreneurship, beauty, career and fashion.  I love her cool but rejuvenated style. And her blog. Classic. 


I know motors by James Olajide

A very informative car blog! First of its kind! I didn’t know anything about vehicles,  but this blog brought me to at least a bragable (lol)  level with my car game. You should really check it out!  It’s so educative. 

  • Layout and design

Jess Ann Kirby

Jess Ann Kirby. Coastline

This is still my best blog like ever! With its design and display! I basically just sit and watch it load, over and over. It’s a personal blog by Jess Ann Kirby. And she brings aesthetics into her blog with a beautiful theme. This is my favorite blog in layout and design. I’ve not seen any better.

  • Poetry

Tim Miller

TimMiller in Word and silence

His poetry sense is tops! Beautiful and creative. With a mix of words, history and regally.

  • News and updates


Brittle Paper News
Brittle Paper news



    Storytellers naija!

Nigerians. We would also have a story to tell.  The cab man or the drama at the ATM.  This Is a beautiful place to explore your creativity. 


Yet again they wow me with current political updates!  From a close angle. 


This Support group is the best!  This Is basically the only bloggers support group I’m in and I’d never regret it.  Alice Dako is like an Angel, she provides resource materials,  classes, hangouts and helps you connect with other bloggers.  It’s a very beautiful platform and you should really check out!  You’d learn ideas from people with experience and connect with those who share similar stories. Just tap on the link. You won’t regret it.

You could check anyone you’d prefer when you are less busy at the office, waiting for your turn at the mall or just curious about the virtual world. My interest in these blogs are all about their creativity, niche and the way they understand their readers/audience.

Now if you are just starting up a blog, you need to tick all those boxes (creative, niche, know your readers) first so y0A

And if you need help finding your creative Niche or with starting up your blog.  You could reach me through this contact form.  

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My favorite blogs list. TVO!
My favorite blogs list. TVO!

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Any other blog you’d like to share?  What websites do you love exceptionally?  Please leave a comment, I’m always interested. Thanks for stopping by! 


7 thoughts on “My Favorite blogs list”

  1. This means so much to me hun, thanks so much for the feature. Amaka and CassieDaves blog are one of my favs too.

    And TBA is my go-to for blogging tips and help.

    Thanks for sharing, will check out some of the other featured blogs.

  2. Saw this post some weeks back but didn’t bother to do a thorough check or read through until now that boredom reminded me of this post… thanks for sharing

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