My Love Story – Everything you don’t want to have on Valentine’s Day

Different people would come to me with weird questions like…

  • What do you think I should give my girlfriend for valentine’s?
  • What would you want as a girl for valentine’s?
  • Do you think I’d be able to afford this for this person on valentine’s day
  • Would you love a teddy bear as a gift on valentine’s?

Truth is, I’m not even half as interested in these things as half of the world actually is (I’m not a sad person and I accept valentine gifts too). It’s just that I believe in a few things, that I feel you need to have in mind as you enjoy your day and I’d love to share them with you;

  1. You don’t have to please just one person on that day! Every question stated above has just one subject that wants to satisfy another object, there are a lot of people you can also share love to and adjust their love deprived mindset. I’m not saying you should not give that “special someone” a treat and show affection, but extend a hand of fellowship. Call that friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Reply that text you have been procrastinating about (guilty!), ask your co worker why he/she always comes to work with a frown and scars. It’s all love.
  2. Love is not a One time thing: If someone who claims to “love” you would only take you out or buy you gifts on just one day in a year! Babes, Guys I don’t know what to say about that. Show love, everytime, everywhere to everyone.
  3. Real true love is not substantial: I can imagine plankcards raised by my readers with words like “no girl likes a broke guy”, “money is everything”, lol. I don’t mean it that way, I meant true love comes from the heart, tested, tried and durable. He might be buying you a brabus now and going all kung fu on you in the next few years. Test your love, try that friendship, not every association is right for you.
  4. Know your partner: As much as possible try to understand whoever it is you are engaged with before Valentine’s day, it shows how patient and intentional you are. You would know exactly what that person needs at that point in time. He/she might need jewellery now and something else the next month. Love also means meeting the present needs of the person.
  5. The God Factor: He watches you, guides you and loves you. God is the best example of true love. In every thing you do today, do not forget him.

Stay safe, stay true and enjoy yourselves!

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With true undoubting Love;


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