Traveling with Friends- Monday Blog Feature

Basically, the idea of starting a feature with a blogger friend just popped into my mind one lazy noon. And I solemnly reckoned on it..
The idea of sharing the insight of someone else with shared interests on my blog seemed amusing

Today’s Feature is
A lifestyle, Fashion blogger
Her Blog is an expression of ideal knowledge, I’ve a very bias idea about fashion( I basically wear majorly black, white basics) but her ideas made me have a rethink( lol, especially the post on minimalist 😄😁)
She’ll be sharing ideas with us
So read along!


1.Choosing friends:
You need to choose the kind of people you are comfortable with. Friends that can relate with even when you argue about what to do on the trip. Choose people you like and you’ve had a good relationship with and amongst others.
2. Learn safety tips and tricks when travelling: make sure you get to let your friends know of the tips of a trip. Make sure you let your friends of the destination they are in to avoid any pickpocket or anything to avoid them losing anything precious to them.
3. Making decision on activities: Well, this can be frustrating. Your friends tend not to agree on some activities you want to explore on. Your friends tend not be on the same page while you’re planning on games or something extremely exciting they will always argue about it. It’s best to plan on the kind of activities you will like to explore on before getting to the destination. If at some point some people don’t agree on the same activity, it’s fine.

4. Date and time of departure: Remind your precious friends on the date and time you’re setting out to leave after spending time together on the trip. Trust me, some friends might be carried away because of the loads of fun they’ve had.
5. Money Money!!
After arriving at our destination, we get to spend money on food, accommodation, etc. on these basic things most times we tend to spend over our budget. In order to spend wisely, always research on how much the hotel space, what kind of food they serve, how much the tickets will cost, etc. Always make sure your friends have the currency of the country and they have enough cash in hand plus coins are included.
6. Appropriate clothe for every activity: Most girlfriends may not know the kind of clothes to bring for the trip. For example; you all planned to go for a dinner date on your trip. What if one of your friend just brought a jeans and top for all the activities planned out, how will you feel? Bad I guess
I will suggest if you all plan to get similar outfits for different activities planned for the trip.
I do hope you’ve the best trip ever!
Do you like the suggestions given above?
Would you want to give another suggestion for trips planned out? Kindly state your comment in the box.
Your favorite girl,

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Hope you’re having a graceful Monday


3 thoughts on “Traveling with Friends- Monday Blog Feature”

  1. This is lovely. I can totally relate to people not having appropriate clothes for every event, so I always advice people to bring a different outfit for each activity. I sure will check out Tosins blog. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Great tips. I’ll add that giving enough room for varying itineraries is a good idea. You should have certain things in common and ideally, you’d want to align on this before you leave to your destination.

    I’d also advise on having separate budgets, especially if you are traveling with people you are not very close with.


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