6 African countries you can visit without a visa 

Africa is a continent full of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and amazing wildlife. Unfortunately, many travellers are deterred from visiting due to visa requirements. However, there are several African countries that allow visitors to enter without a visa or with visa-on-arrival facilities. Here are six African countries you can visit without a visa

Touring Abuja

…he then did the weirdest thing, He smiled and said “na kwana”, I was filled with excitement, Was grinning when I replied “na kwana”. We continued the conversation in English however till we got into the bus taking us to the runway…

Travel! Yay!

Hello guys. So I really really love traveling. So much places, imaginations, fun. Ion know if you do too but I’m going to be posting different places In the world you could travel too and not regret it.  Today’s Cuba  Cuba is the largest most populus country In the carribean. The carribean is the sea and …

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