Hunger Series- Mutilating a Musaceae

“So Did you fry egg?”My Friend asked me.
So I woke up this morning, with nothing to be said.
I didn’t have a meal before my lazy rest
I stomped to the living room
With a mouth hanging to be fed
Out of my eyes poured flames, seeking for a raid.
I turned to my left as I had a Squeak
Seems like little Ms. Banana Peel was looking for a prey.
I turned to continue my quest then I heard this yawn
Oh, this plantain was going to mourn
I smiled at it and it shrieked
No, that didn’t hold my speed
I reached for a knife & cut its branch.
Never with pitiful eyes, did I see my frying brunch.
Until Now my Friend, I thought to myself
It would have died a Noble death, with that egg. ☹️😔

Do you’ve hunger tales?
Have you ever woke up so hungry, you can devour anything?
Share with me your experience today! 😄😁
Photographs are not mine btw.
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