Touring Abuja

As I was driven to the Murtala Muhammed airport, Ikeja, by the cabman; that was ranting about how lucky I was to have taken the cab a discounted price (Drama). I was having mixed emotions…
-Should I have gone on a road trip?
-What if I had my flight delayed?
-would I have a story to write about whilst staring at the misty windows for One and a half hour
But all this feelings evaporated when I thought of how, I’ll be able to create an adventure out of my journey. Checking in was quite fast, the whole taking everything on you off shebang (watches, shoes). I forgot to take my lotion out of my hand bag, when it went through the scanner machine and it made a messy spill in my bag. So, I got in, and the long wait for our flight to be called persisted. Unfortunately for me there was no one my age group in sight, I was considerably surrounded by zombies…
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