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Poet Laureate 19

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What is Poet laureate? 

Writing expresses creativity, emotions, ideas, concepts and opinions. However, after featuring some creatives on this blog, there is going to be a season for selection of the most outspoken creative.

“Poet laureate is an “honorary” position conferred by “Tribesmen” as an institution”.

This selection shall be done by the tribesmen with a poll on twitter, voting on Instagram and the assessment by a set of anonymous judges. where, decisions and preferences would be made. Poems do not necessarily have to be posted on the blog but could be tagged to the Instagram account for a specific period of time.

After the poll, the people’s poet would be chosen and given a price on delivery.

The people’s poet brings creatives together, tribesmen by tribesmen.

Submissions do not necessarily have to be posted on the blog but could be tagged to the Instagram account for a specific period of time.

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Language barriers poet laureate

Why language barriers?

Language is the primary means of communication in every culture or societal form. Effective communication can be impossible if language is not understood.

At Torie’s Blog we understand the peculiarity of language.

Which is why we want to create a platform in this year’s Poet Laureate for creatives to showcase their talents.

This is by giving a voice to their unique language forms and expressing art even whilst highlighting the problems evolving from lack of communication.

How to register poet laureate

How to register.

Make sure you meet the following criteria to be Eligible.

– You are a tribesman (you should have subscribed to Torie’s Blog and received our toolkit.
– You have your poem, prose or short story (max 1000 words) unpublished.
– Your entry fits the theme for this year’s poet laureate
– You follow @thevictoriao_com and @toriesblog on twitter.
– If you’ve meet the following criteria, please register via

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Adesola Oladoja

Meet the winner of The December 2018 Poet Laureate HERE !!!!

Note: Contestants must be following Torie’s blog. Goodluck tribesmen; votees and voters. Also Note that you cannot submit more than one poem per person. Else be disqualified.


Registration is now on for the Poet Laureate. Indicate your  Name and Location.

Remember to Work with the theme!  Any poem that doesn’t feature under the theme would be disqualified. Goodluck, The Poet Laureate team.

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