The Green Collection

The Green Collection

Beginning 01

I have Roots

I have a Beginning

But I have a Beginning…

You might cut me in half

Give me Spines

Give me Tendrils

But I have a Beginning…

I was made a Creator

Even an evidence of Nature

Looking forward to the light

Bringing forth a production

But, I have a Beginning…

I am from the Omnipresence

Giving life it’s Essence

In an ethereal

Of Cracks and Wood

Of Juice and Loose

But, I have a Beginning…

Never forget your roots, hold on to your beginning. However always encourage yourself and enjoy every moment, because any moment can be your beginning. Just a book, a conversation or a form can change your life, so acknowledge every moment with thought and find a purpose, a beginning in every piece.

Mine’s Christ.

What’s your beginning? who would you never forget? any thought that ignited your light? any book that brought out your passion and drove you to this point? I’d really love to know.

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