What exactly is unveiling the matriarch about?

Pretty much every time anyone reads the headline “Unveiling the Matriarch”, they come up confused, with a frown, turning their phones to me and asking; what is it about?

I in turn reply with an enthusiastic rant on how roses are red and violets are blue. But like i mentioned in my previous post tips on writing for beginners, the audience’s view on a topic is very important, in fact is the most important.

So i sat in my room, like a random person and went through my blog and it turns out I would also be confused if i read the phrase “anticipate unveiling the matriarch” (like frowns everywhere and all). I’ll end up making you guys more confused or less interested (like what is this one talking about again), and we don’t want that, do we? Which brings us here

Unveiling the Matriarch is a biannual expression of enthusiastic, vibrant young women in different paths of their lives and society, that already carved a niche for themselves, built a solid opinion on a topic that they stand for or have expressed a form of matriarchy in their own way. A matriarch is;

  1. A female leader of a family, a tribe or an ethnic or religious group.
    1. The dominant female in a family group of elephants .
    1. A female founder of a political or religious movement, an organisation or an enterprise.

Unveiling the matriarch is an interview section that exposes their opinion on life, how they got to where they are and how well they share their opinion on what they stand for. This feature is what every young growing person should read, to get examples, experience and gather information on how to fight personal battles and protect their opinion and skills.

This women faced so many challenges; inferiority, acceptance, capital, bigotry and fragile positivity. This feature brings us to know what gave birth to that spark of possibility, the renewal of hope, the justice for one more trial, the confidence in one’s stance and owning your opinions.

I guess Unveiling the Matriarch came as a thought to me because I had gone through a phase myself, but now I’m in another phase for learning, for growing, and I want us to do it together.

You can get an update when Unveiling the Matriarch is posted by subscribing. Check out the First Unveiling the Matriarch post here. I hope this post helped in unveiling what it was about.

Word count: unveiling was mentioned 10 times in this short article. Lol.

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