Apocalyptic decisions

18 is the wrong age to feel like an alien, but sometimes alienation can be quite distinct. Do not get me wrong I know the cool kids find joy in scolding themselves and the humorless crackling chatters parade the air anytime they are together, but this did not seem to grasp my attention because the cool kids were old anyway and the chatters were not in uniformity or the good kind. They were either always raising chairs, stealing staffs or Climbing fences.

Let’s take a look now, shall we?

Every psychological societal stereotype gets involved in politics;

-There are the smart ones, the most active, fixing appointments, spreading publicity and the socio-economic growth of themselves.

-The cool ones, with round bellies, barely making statements at press meetings or seemingly confused about their objectives while addressing the public.

-There are the sick ones, given up on their mental health and fighting for well “nothing”, because evidently they have nothing to think about.

-The lovers: they looovvee politics, can analyze it, break it, scatter it, perforate it into pieces and more complicated bits of grammars, any innocent mind would not understand, they make authority sound stupid and complicate their certification with their position, with points of disappointment and ridiculous publicity.

And there’s me, roped in all this, seeking refuge in ridiculous dramas and grammars, and well “alienation”.

Every form of Alienation comes with a consequence, and it starts by neglects on both parties, a Nation we run together can not stand prone to destruction and failed promises.

Year by year, rule over rule, from my feeding bottle to my self sort for dinner, I have heard of the increasing destruction of the political system in my country and the efficacy that every new system or leader promised to bring.

I have seen the delightful eyes of the youths, pride in adults and future hope reassurance in children every time there’s an election for a nation governed by meticulous and intellectual leaders, but they seem to be hidden behind a shade, a very dark one.

Change is a gradual process, things have to be done from the background, all this phrases seem to pamper the destruction and negligence surrounding the “democratic” rule. And the leaders of tomorrow are lost in the search for a national refuge.

If redemption is necessary, then baptizing the redeemed should be primary, we might be clearing the wrong field and grazing the wrong wheat.


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