Monday Blog Feature- The Conquest (A Poem)


Would you follow me into the jungle?
To kill the beast that haunts your dreams
To slay the demon that eats your soul
With a saber to the heart, the beast goes down
With a Holy Sight the demon runs
Would you follow me into the jungle?
To hunt down the beast that makes you scream
Shiver and run for your life
The beast that killed your dreams
And eternally haunts it unless you go find it
Finish it off, you shall be free from Nightmares.
Would you follow me to the demons lair
To discover the demonic clan
The demon lord commanding his dominions
The demons come and tear at your soul
But you fight back and slay them
It is just you and the demon lord
The final battle between good and evil
With a celestial help, good defeats evil.
Your Soul is free
Finally Free
Albert Woods
The Conquest Series
This literal piece was written by Albert woods, as the story of a wandering child, seeking peace in an inner beast, but still afraid to fight his battles.
Opinions and sincere translations are welcomed.
Do have a lovely week
Torie ❤️
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2 thoughts on “Monday Blog Feature- The Conquest (A Poem)”

  1. I believe this poem is more about an inner battle. Fighting that evil little voice we hear sometimes. Kinda like our insecurities. Coming to terms with it and finishing it off once and for all.
    I love the poem.


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