A sweet drift into a nothingness atmosphere

What do you do when you are happy? Do you scream, laugh, cry or whisper? Well I do many crazy things myself, like getting so cut up in the excitement, and my emotions can’t express how it feels. Here’s a few cogencies expressing my thoughts towards the rain.
This morning I arose quite late from the usual, this had been featuring my always lazy and lethargic sleep for probably 3days? 
But was I getting old and needing more sleep? Yeah definitely I was but that couldn’t be it right? Old age doesn’t just creep on you, yeah?
Sometimes I still wake up wanting some extra clothing, some form of wool or acrylic because cotton takes another temperature and still grips my skin with an atmosphere I’m not too sure about. It might be internal, maybe my body was reacting to something. 
Some days it suddenly gets cloudy inside my room, then there’s light again and I just turn off the extra lights, until it’s becomes more gloomy than before and my eyes gets dark and almost blind, is it just me? Do I need more sleep? 
Somehow I get water on my skin when I walk out, It feels like I’m perspiring, but that’s what I want to know, would I want it that way?
Trinkets are adorable, mirrors reflects what the eyes want to see, She wants to hope it’s not raining yet, because she doesn’t know how to conceal her own self.

I have been sleeping like a lost fish in the pond this past few days, I sleep almost like a baby, like it’s my last few days of sleep till work begins( which is exactly true)
And then the cloud and cold atmosphere almost makes it impossible not to be tired. Like who sleeps on a cotton layer this season? It is actually beautiful to want to do nothing, but it doesn’t last forever for me sadly 😭

So yeah, get to work! Don’t let the rain deceive you! Don’t be a lazy youth! Be a coffee addict 😁
Anyone enjoying the cold weather? The sudden change making you lazy?

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