Gala, Since 1962

Gala is the name of a brand of sausages sold in Nigeria. It is packaged in a soft polyethylene wrapper and almost accessible everywhere. It is a significant name for virtually every brand of sausages sold in the country, its popularity from time past, even to this present generation.It is a tasty treat in the car on your way to work, a snack in hand for the kids at home and can be a quick breakfast before an early class for students in the University. Gala undoubtedly serves a number of purposes in the food department of the society.

As I grabbed a piece from the hawker this evening on my way to my apartment, I took a glance once again at the wrapper and something grasped my attention, the year of its creation (1962)
What came to my mind, was how this country might have looked like that year, what prompted the makers into making this particular sausage?
Why would they wrap it in an easy to sell package and even make it up to this present year?
Is there something particular about their recipe that is different from the others?
I guess so. That should be it, right?
On the 1st of October, 1960. We were declared independent of the British government, we became free thinkers. Let’s say we were wrapped in flour, like the beef or pork in a Gala Sausage. The Flour would be Britain, right? But now we were set loose, to become free Beefs walking on the streets of freedom raising your own brooms, umbrellas or flags and scream Freedom to Vote!
Freedom to will whoever we want to rule us, in the next election. Freedom to scream at the top of our voices the pain and neglect we’ve faced in the past years, Freedom from a particular point of ridicule and insult. We would gaze to the sky and seek for our own words. If we do not speak, we might dry up, and when meat is heated it doesn’t become bigger, it actually shrinks. So never shrink your opinion, let it out.

The World would be more beautiful place, if you don’t hide your magic

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