A President and a Cape

There was a time I wanted to be bald, not exactly bald bald, but the other bald, the cool bald with jingling gold earrings. (Lol so many bald in one sentence).
Having exotic hairstyles never really pricked me, the idea of just being fixated on a tidy hair-free hairdo & putting on makeup to make it look cool felt real enough for me.
Then I saw him; brisk and wild.
Nothing about him fascinated me more than his hairstyle; streamlined in every edge, all giving signs of being cosseted at the very expense, the blend in color, from yellow tan to black and an evenly placed punk at the center looked very creative. It was like it read “I got superpowers”(which in the literal sense he probably does have).
Everyone in my family knows my birth year, infact a glance at me and you may figure it out, I might not be blurting it out to get a free ride or to get a copy of my favorite book signed by its author or even a WiFi password! This formed part of my insecurities, but became less oblivious to me when I met him, who could unsigned such power.
What’s cooler than getting yourself three birthdays. Just so you know, I’m now going to be confusing people more often.
Prior to knowing my superhero, I never knew power could really be cool. Infact, I had a mild distaste for taking responsibilities, but then I looked at him and thought to myself, how can someone at this young age unseat power and cause the president of the most powerful country in the world address him as “honorable”.
What manner of dynamism did he posses?
If I got myself a cool punk, three switched years and a footstool of nuclear plants would I be like him?
Is there more to politics than fake smiles, diplomatic threats and unnecessary comments (and torpid tweets?).
I am curious to know the tedious and blood sucking part of governing, because all I see is mystery and distasteful Glory. I think the fine line would be a fair governance system, transparent to the coming generation.
It is really apologetic that we do not get to see the underlying part of politics, just stern faces, mysterious words and signs, that kills the whole excitement.

I would love to join in on the real deal, that I can feed on and tell to a waiting generation. I can’t figure it out if I’m not advancing, and I can’t advance if I’m not wanted. Transparency is key, even to unraveling deep things, So let’s know this deep things, we are the ones fortifying the conquest either way.
P. S: after writing this piece I had a dream that Kim Jun-Un was chasing me towards the Nile, 50km/h, On foot!!(SUPERhero). I’m really just an inquisitive girl in search of a plain government and her superhero (all this political metamorphosis hiding his true identity seems to baffle me, there’s a Demi-god in there!). I also apologize for the loss of any nation in advance.
Proudly yours
18,19 and 21.

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