I’m still growing

Everything in life is strategic, with reason and purpose. You are reading this, every line inked with words, your mind is awaiting a retrieval, a rebirth, a renewal. 

I am crazy, but voiceless, filled with melancholy, but anxious, faithful but brief. 

Today I am going to talk about this 3Rs (retrieval, rebirth and renewal) 

You should be getting this 3Rs when reading any article because it brings to light the perception and mind lane of the author before setting his/her words down. However, i would suggestively diseminnate my position on this, with this article. 

Retrieval: retrieving information known beforehand. Something every body would relate to without thinking too much, example was my gracious display of various types of politicians in “bandits and beggars”. follow this phase and  look back to your beginnings, where all this started from. Look back to January 1st and see how far you have gone. gracious. 

Rebirth : I have grown, and I know not by mere age or wrinkles (thanks to the university of ibadan), but by my perceptions, emotions, intellect, thought patterns and even my blog. Growing has birthed a new phase of myself, protruding and swollen and taken up room in my heart and consciousness. I want you to grow with me (the author) and birth the consciousness of new knowledge in your person even as the year rounds up.

Renewal: towards the last stage of growing up, I realized I had to be renewed constantly, achieving my purpose and helping others. The fog of indecision has been cleared from my view and i can see the beauty of a new born.    

Giving birth cannot be easy

But we would make it real


Fellow tribesmen ❤️

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