Monday Blog Feature- Aderemi Ojo (Young Politician)
Basically, the idea of starting a feature with a blogger friend just popped into my mind one lazy noon. And I solemnly reckoned on it..
The idea of sharing the insight of someone else with peculiar interests important to society on my blog seemed amusing.
Today’s Feature is
Aderemi Ojo
“Youths are the leaders of tomorrow”, we’ve heard this quote a thousand and one times. My parents were told this in course of their education, my grandparents would have been told this if they were educated. In fact, it has become a generational mantra.
What if this mantra actually becomes the reality of the youths, the existing reality of the young ones. I believe we should work on today, because tomorrow is always a day away from us.
Torie’s blog will be speaking with Mr. Aderemi Ojo (Student Union President, University of Ibadan) to define his opinion on Politics, Youths and the Society.
This is Torie’s blog, can we get to know you?
My name is Aderemi Ojo, I am a 300 level student of the Department of History of the University of Ibadan, I’m a student politician and I love society.
How old are you?
I am twenty-four years old.
Would you mind sharing some of your achievements?
I have been the political editor of the Union of Campus Journalists, Editor General of the Student Union Press, Director of Publicity and Information of the All Nigerian & UN Student and Youth association (ANUNSA), Visiting Editor of Agropress, President of the Student Union and Senator representing UI at the Senate of NANS(National Association of Nigerian Student). Author and Chief- Editor of Platinum Deremi’s hub.
Are you a politician?
Yeah, I just mentioned I was a student politician.
How? Why do you think you are a politician?
I feel we should understand briefly what the word “Politician” connotes because so many people already think it is negative. I would like to bring out the positive aspect which is trying to get power and getting things done in the society, that is basically why I would call myself a politician.
Do you believe it is possible for lack of required “confidence and charisma” to make you lose interest in politics
It depends on what we mean by that, if it is the caliber of people we are talking about, then I think it is very hard for you to make any difference in politics or have self-confidence because some of us are incapable of doing bad things.
Are you going to create a Socio-political balance if given the opportunity?
Well I think the reason why there is the kind of system we have, which is a system running along the line of democracy is to create a socio-political balance. I believe a society where people would have enough to eat, a place to live in after the day’s work, to go to the hospital without the fear of what they would pay for. I think the basic necessities of life should be supplied to the people, and like Desmond Tutu said “There is enough to feed everyone’s need, but not everyone’s seed”, so we need to strive to balance things and I want to do that.
Are you given enough audience as a Student Politician?
These days I think we are trying to get things done as regards that because previously we have been operating a rather gerontocratic system- older people are given the opportunity. But you see; it’s a kind of revolution, we are coming up and building movements to chase out, as a whole the entire system that encourages only old people to get power.
What are your deepest regrets towards joining politics?
No, I do not have any regret, because it is calling for me.
Do you feel skeptical about Female Leadership?
No, I do not, I would love a lady or woman as a replacement for myself as the president of the Student Union.
Do you consider Female Leadership as unprioritized?
I cannot give the Female gender priority over men, if you want something, you need to get it, you go for it, you state are revolution, you make your point and announce your position, you own power. I mean women do have power in this country, I am not talking about personal power in population, we are strong enough to get things done as regards female participation in politics. So when you see a woman that is intelligent, vying for a post, you vote for her and you can add some gender bias, it is permitted.
So what is the concept of Godfatherism?
Godfatherism, I think connotes to some people, when someone mentors you and then you get onto the position of power and the person controls you. But I feel it’s not too bad, because you get guidance from some people, so it is not entirely a bad idea.
What do you feel about the old archaic mode of government?
I would like to bring an analogy from the bible. The wisdom of Solomon and the age of Methuselah are two parallel lines, they cannot meet. So age and maturity are not really incessant, they are compatible quite alright, but they are not incompatible, in history there has been most powerful leaders in the world, who are just young people and they perform well. Young people who have brain.
Do you feel Youths are being liberal?
They are so liberal they have been containing some nonsense. It is fine that we have open minded people, that are not extremely religious people, people tolerating. But we tolerate of things that would destroy our cultural structure, we are including gender relations between men and women, the pop culture and issue of drugs. I think it is good that we are liberal, but we need to be guided.
Would you be a self-sufficient leader?
Personally I do not have a picture of the kind of leadership I want, and that’s what I am building myself to be, but then I cannot impose my idea on just everyone, however if it’s the kind of leader I want, I’m striving to be and that’s how best I can answer that question.
Closing Note.
One advice I give everybody when they ask for one is; you cannot Govern the world rightly without God and your fellow human beings, there has to be love and that is the basis of every government and group. Every societal group should strive to be great, because there are still people who do good things and want to build a structure for the future, and want the society to be better for other people. It is a form of sacrifice but it has to be met by everyone and is compulsory.
Hello Africa, meet Ojo Aderemi.

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