Cri de Coeur collection

 Crowns or Thorns

Set fire to the Sky,
Because it’s your Kingdom
Soar high and fly
Move forward, don’t cry
You’ve got wings, just for freedom
Against all wind breaks
Life’s all but soon gone
But your fulfillment, only just Begun..
Hello, readers, Introducing you to the Cri de coeur Collection of my poems, I figured I resolved into microblogging when i got back to school(and revived my laptop) but, either way , I am back and better(*winks*) so the Cri de Coeur Collections might include about 10 epistles, different aspects and quite an explaination for knotted words. thanks for reading( and unknotting my wordings) .Enjoy the collection and leave your comments.
p.s ;  I’ll be putting in my very best, and time in getting us a creative insta blog sooner .
p.s.s; photography and wordings, basically by me, (I’ll stop the writing my name beneath the quote,thingy and just notify when either aren’t mine.
with love; Torie..
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