Cri de Coeur Collection

Kvetch 03

Pain is all I feel
Grief bites from within
Sorrow has wore me like cloth
Tears has watered my Growth
Resentment’s made me Cynical
Mutter cuss like a Repiner
What am I, Uncontested?
Is life still dependent?
Give me strength
Waters and rivers
Iron sharpened iron
But is the flesh iron?
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So, I being my lazy and unrepentant self, didn’t post in a while as promised, I’m sincerely sorry, I’m human ,and lately,I’ve being preoccupied with school,examinations and all. I’m a Student and even as i try to put down words,I also have to meet up with Grades. Please forgive me(you know you always will) So..  IG account has being created… It’s Torie’s blog♥@torie_voilexx. Follow for more Frequent updates(i think i’m loving my IG people though). And the photo (by me of course) is the display picture.
This post is dedicated to a very Dear Friend (literally dragged me here to post something). Lol
Thanks Dehinde♥ .
Haavvee a lovely Weekend y’all .
Torie♥ out!
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