A Timely perfervid update

“Where conditions are prescribed beforehand, honest study is impossible”- William Temple
Note: Extremely emotional content here

So I sit here at a cold corner in my room, tired and lethargic (as usual, I think that’s the drive for me to post something) typing this crude post to my beautiful readers, and trying to keep myself from ranting about how I want to run away to the Sahara, marry a cactus & raise prickly pears for the rest of our lives. Wrapped in a shemagh, I’ll reflect on this day, itch my imaginary beards, looking like SpongeBob any time he leaves bikini bottom (I’m sorry,So sorry)

Point is, I’m so tired ( like when am I not tired🙄,existing is so expensive nowadays). But today’s tiredness brought me ‘to a quite interesting realization viz, no matter how tired you’re, your decisions & creativity is not influenced at all. An instance is when you’re woken up from a very lazy sleep and asked a random question. No matter how dizzy you’re, If it interests you,your mind would snap at it, so when someone tells you they can’t think because they’re tired,it’s either because they don’t want to or because they don’t know whatever is inquired of them.
Nostalgic, I’ll give an update of this part of my world.
– First, recently I’ve been surprising my quite timid self, with the demeanor I put on & the social air around me. I don’t know if this, but it’s definitely out of my comfort zone. I’m on a school break; I had a bunch of things planned for it. One of which is obviously already established.
In retrospect, I’ll never imagine myself writing about a book, in a post. But like I said ” Surprises”
So the most progressive challenge I had for my break from school was reading a bunch of already selected books. Ranging from spiritual to literature, paranormal,Mythology, psychology and so on.
IMG_6874.JPGOne from the literal category , I took from my dad’s study and would like to share due to its peculiarity, revisionary & deepened mindset, viz Olodumare-God in Yoruba Belief by E. Bolaji Idowu. The book is quite old, obviously not from this century, so if you’re teen and you’ve read it,mentally picture me giving you a pat on the back( yeah you deserve it) . I’ll be posting a review on it soon . Watch out!
That’s it for today loves; the long awaited post is here. Please give me an update on your view on the change in domain.
P. S I might be updating my Touring Abuja page soon enough. May the odds be in my Favor!
And I sincerely am going to be updating more often. Have a great week!
Until the next post!
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