My Epiphany

They say coffee is a stimulant, so let me give it the credit on this post. I’ll like to imagine myself a matriarch on her way to discovering her kingdom. Effortlessly, the world has defined every individual in different ways, that majority of us succumb to. I’d like to tell us to back out.
Recently, my quest for knowledge has brought me to realize a reasonable conclusion on human behavior. The lack of balance, I won’t even think of calling myself the master of all things as only God could claim that title, and I’m not even yet the master of my own self. My words all reflect to the word of the season.
Balance ;Stability produced by even distribution of weight ;a means of judging or deciding; a counterbalancing weight, force or influence; a physical equilibrium; mental and emotional steadiness
The word itself tells it all, let’s set behind all the worldly treasures and brings to reality what is kept in deeply in our hearts and soul. We can fight all those setbacks because “the strength inside of us, is greater than the weaknesses surrounding us” .It’s not a motivation, it’s a challenge, this quest i’ll find myself. So laugh out every situation because you’re more than it, God’s more than it. I wish you Good luck in finding yourselves, I urge you to please dig deep.
Start with a plan, one that cannot draw you back, set goals that are beyond you, because nothing is greater than you if you believe it isn’t. I’ve mine all pictured, I hope you do too.
Then work towards them, nothing is denser than the mist your mind forms when you lack creativity, Trust me. You won’t even see yourself clearly.
I love you
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