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How to enjoy writing

Art from Pinterest

How to enjoy writing;

I know that you’re a writer and that is the first identity you carved out for yourself. You scream that loud to people, you make them see it on your IG bio, twitter bio, etcetera etcetera.

That is in fact the first thing you tell someone that wants to have a conversation with you. You blurt out “I am a writer, anything you say or do might be used in a story.”

Here’s my fancy question for you; How happy are you, writing?

Yes, for most of us. Writing comes as a passion first. We stick to it, we want to know more about it, we create stories from our imagination, we love it! We become it.

However, what most writers don’t tell you is that, they often get tired of the thrill. It is like getting your first mobile phone. You gush about it, you love it, you spend days and night listening to the new tunes in it no matter how dumb it seems now, you did that.

You can not seem to imagine a life without that first phone. Until your mom walked in with her open-and-close Samsung phone and handed it over to you, because she got a better one. And the world stops. You outgrow that first phone and the Samsung becomes the next best thing.

You see?

Growing is an essential aspect of our lives and as a writer, if you want to keep writing you need to move on to greater heights of development and learning. How can you do that?

Art from Pinterest

– Read throughly about writing. If you stay as a local champion, you’ll get tired someday. There are tons of writers in Africa and the world. What makes you different, is what you write. And you write what you know. Read that again.

– Take classes from the Masters: your dream writer was a novice once, but can never become a novice again. Learn and follow their instructions. Yes, your art may be different, but some principles areimmutable and necessary in developing your art and staying consistent.

– Get some form of compensation for your writing: you do not know how much this can change your perspective. You will feel different. There is no push like this! Get money for your content. The drive would be crazy. You will definitely enjoy writing. 

– Help Someone: teaching helps you open your mind up to creativity and even angle out your knowledge. Help someone understand more about creativity and writing. Answer questions, don’t ever hold on to your knowledge. No one is trying to steal from you.

– Ask questions: if there is something I do so well, it is asking questions about things I do not know. Get answers from people you know already have it. Let your heart be open to correction. Always listen to smart people when having a conversation.

I know that you are going to be a really great writer. We are all growing and there is nothing as promising as your art.

I hope that you learn how to enjoy writing.

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You’re gold.

Victoria Olajide.

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5 thoughts on “How to enjoy writing”

  1. Oluwalaanumi Blessings

    Yes, Vic…
    There are indeed times we feel are thrills are gone…
    This is so Insightful. Thanks

  2. There are tons of writers in Africa and the world. What makes you different, is what you write. And you write what you know.

    I love this

  3. I’m enjoy writing a lot and what I’ve done to keep me going is to write early mornings because that time works for me. And like you said, I also read content from the pros.
    Thanks for sharing!


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