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My FIRST 10 blog posts

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As I write this post I laugh at myself. It is really so funny. I have created more than 80 posts on this website!

This space I created for rants, batter and all things chaos, has evolved into a creative platform. A space where writers can come to as a resource and encouragement, my personal online portfolio, the origin of a wonderful community.

I am writing this post with a wide grin and tired baggy eyes. Those eyes house so much joy and love for you.

That grin is for you reading this, thank you for always coming back.

This smile and laughter is to tell you to keep going, keep moving. That you’re definitely going to get better, you are already getting better. And this process; this process is necessary so that you can have a story. Like me.

Do not skip the process. Learn from it.

Here is a list of my first ten posts on this space. Unedited, raw and unfiltered.

So you can see that I came from dust too. This gold has been formed from really high pressure and fire. Please, revisit your favorite and leave a comment on any you can relate to.

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Once again, thank you for always coming back.

1. I’m so Great.. I’m jealous of myself.           Date: January 28, 2016 The African Writer|

So Hello.. I really miss my other blog tho.. But its Okay.. It’s for the best.. But I still update the former cause its more personal,si profonde,.. That moment when you close your eyes in pain and you open it just to find the light…

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 2. Once upon a Crown..

Date: April 24, 2017 LifestylePoetry|

In depth, clumsy  Words, philosophy Over throned, words of fame Oh lay it down, in the fathers name Growing even has my heart is pounding. Thy kingdom’s will, won’t leave me mourning. Quenched. All that ever was buoy Oh Queen that hath ever been sore …

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3. Cri de coeur collection

Date: August 29, 2017 CulturePoetry|

Winner 04 Let the Oceans rage My Heart will still age When snow falls like crystals And my life seems like a ritual But I tell you it’s only winter I’ve always been a winner She has a grip on me so fierce Her cold breath won’t let me rest She knows my …

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4. A tad bit of the heart♥

Date: September 12, 2017 Lifestyle|

Hello, so yeah, today’s only just going to be about life and preferences. No poetic words and literary terms (at least I’ll try to sound less inky and vocal enough) So, I’ve grown to find out the little obnoxious things that prick teens, my age group…

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5. Bibelot

Date: September 17, 2017 LifestyleThe African Writer|

Can you think of a six letter synonym of bibelot that starts with the letter g?no? Crossword puzzle whizz might guess words like “gewgaw” and “gimcrack”. “Bibelot” which English speakers borrowed from French, has uses beyond wordplay. In addition to its …

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6. The Journey Begins

Date: February 13, 2018 LifestyleThe African Writer|

Hello, I’m Victoria This is going to be a prolonged system of conventional ideas, I’m going to be posting ideas ranging from photography to poetry, ideas from a black Nigerian teenager, words from a coffee connoisseur. I’m a student so I might not have a …

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7. My Epiphany

Date: March 3, 2018 LifestyleThe African Writer|

They say coffee is a stimulant, so let me give it the credit on this post. I’ll like to imagine myself a matriarch on her way to discovering her kingdom. Effortlessly, the world has defined every individual in different ways, that majority of us succumb …

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8. Hunger Series- Mutilating a Musaceae

Date: March 24, 2018 LifestyleThe African Writer|

So I woke up this morning, with nothing to be said. I didn’t have a meal before my lazy rest. I stomped to the living room. With a mouth hanging to be feed. Out of my eyes poured flames, seeking for a raid. I turned to my left as I had a Squeak

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9. Is Austerity Really Cruel?Date: April 13, 2018 CultureLifestyle|

Most times we always try and try to fix everyone’s broken pieces, whilst carrying a bunch of unpredictable turmoils behind our smiles. We go through the hard labor of the society. The failures, sadness, mischiefs and commotion but we end up cooing about the success, happiness, solemn and well planned out life of those we look on to.

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10. Gala, Since 1962

Date: April 18, 2018 LifestyleNationalism|

Gala is the name of a brand of sausages sold in Nigeria. It is packaged in a soft polyethylene wrapper and almost accessible everywhere. It is a significant name for virtually every brand of sausages sold in the country, its popularity from time past, even to this present generation.

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I pray you keep showing up.

With Love,


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