Chokwe Comb, Angola. Photo credit: Pinterest.

Pagan Adulation – Exploring childhood Myths

Chokwe Comb, Angola. Photo credit: Pinterest.
Chokwe Comb from Angola.
Photo Credit: Pinterest.

Olori split my uneven hair patch in half, taking the strike from the tip of my nose and lined into my scalp- I know she did not have to do that to get the right path, she just mocked my distraction.

I was unable to form a coherent sentence, to show my distaste, partly because I was unsure if it wouldn’t land me a slap eventually and also because i was too angry to conceive words for my anger.


When Ini and I spoke about our hair

We concluded

We wanted it permed

And colored

Like Rihanna’s


Ini got hers permed before me

I guess I wasn’t serious enough

Or I was

I’m not sure

I know you have to wash your hair with only water before you did it.

So I started it this morning

Ini was faster though

I guess because there house is larger than ours.


My mother told me I won’t be seeing Ini anymore

I’ve not told her I was going to perm my hair

And asked her how much a relaxer would cost.

I know I can afford it

If I start saving today.


“Ini got her hair shaved”, my mother told me on our way back from church

My Father also said that her father hung her to the fan and started rolling it.

Then when she fell down

He shaved her hair

My father said Ini got punished for perming her hair.

I wondered, why would such a punishment could be for ordinary relaxer?


If Ini had told her mother before perming her hair, maybe she could have been saved.

I should tell mother.

I don’t know how much it costs anyway.


The firm grip on my head reminded me why I shouldn’t have told her.

She said “You are a child of God, you don’t need to perm your hair, your natural hair is fine.”

“I’ll make you police-cap”

I sighed.

My scalp still hurts.


Four Combs. Photo Credit: Pinterest.
Four Combs. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Have you ever been told myths that define your beliefs?

Can you guess my age and that of Ini’s?

Quick hint: The No is in this piece.

Victoria Olajide.

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