Natural Hair ideas

So I have my natural Hair. Tbh it’s quite exhausting but either way super cool! I have nothing against straightened normal hair, but it’s different and extremely cozy. During this hazy and cold weather tho natural Hair’s subject to breakages and cutting, so I’m suggesting a few oils I found out were superb and sharing with you yves guys.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil: wonderful multi purpose Oil, that conditions, seals In moisture , increases shine and reduces split ends.
Argan Oil:  increases hair elasticity and smoothens the cuticle. It is non Рgreasy and seals moisture into the strands.
Avocado Oil : Loaded with essential oils, Avocado Oil help to condition , strengthen and boost shine to the Hair. It’s also an excellent hair sealant.
Sweet Almond Oil: it’s a good all round hair Oil, It seals in moisture, boost shine,increases strength, smoothens cuticle and promotes hair growth.
Jamaican black Castor Oil : It quite differs from normal Castor Oil cause of it’s ash content, Makes it more effective has it prevents hair loss and reaffirms hair regrowth. It Can also be used for sealing moisture and anti fungal treatments and benefits.
And your natural is of course one step farther from breakages and Ross.

You’re welcome loves, ❤ Abercombie and Fitch!

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