Letters to my Girlfriend – Victoria Olajide



I have seen a lot of sisters crumble at the slightest detour from love’s mirage. Or even make the scariest decisions while trying to steer back their heart to its rhythm. 

I’m not an healer. Infact, I’m still finding healing. 

However, as I try to find self and understand all that love brings. I’d really love to grow with you. 

I use so many ways to heal. Books, music, stories, travel and so much more. 

But, one of my strongest means would be God. 

I hope that I can straighten out my words, defer hiccups and mascara smears, to compose the right words for your healing.

I’m not a mother. I am your girlfriend. Feel free to share any question with me. 

L001 – Love is a fragment of self. You are Love. 

Hello Girlfriend, 

I hope this message finds you well. I know sometimes it aches to find love and aches to be without it. 

The sense of security and the lack of scrutiny a relationship brings might be more than realizable. 

However, love is a fragment of self. You are Love. 

I want you to see him as a journey. A journey to discover that there’s more than longitivtiy in defining commitments. 

There’s a conscious effort to seal love’s decision. And if that’s not present at the moment, you might have to float away from this already slippery grip.

It’s a hard decision and a lot of things might never fall in place after that. Love yourself first. And give your body and soul rest. 

I assure you, you deserve the best. 


Victoria. O

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