Babes. It’s been a while, I’m sorry okay. Like I said alot has been happening,  and I actually had to encourage myself to keep posting, I really do know now that owning a blog ain’t that easy. Soooo, okay I’ll spill, I being my lazy better self was surfing some of my social apps and I saw something that captured my attention and then henceforth the purpose of my blog was added to! Bottom line is , I’ll be life photographing. Yess and yes, I’m so very excited about it, I’ll be taking my photos myself, and they’ll be captioned with a major rant or poem. So loves stay tuned. And I really hope we could make this work 😁.
Torie ❤️️
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P. S: I have a problem with my phones directory, well I just changed it, I’ve awesome pictures!! I’ll fix it sooner though, no worries 😉!


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