We are Anxious Tribesmen

Yes it is despicable how you feel when you are about to read a story, Imagine the eye- scrunting pain, someone somewhere is about to put you through, this delightful pain for knowledge. You could sit back, this page opened to you, expecting something, fiction, humour, Imagine me mocking your humour, imagine your boss hitting you with a file whilst reading this, imagine your phone slipping from your reach as you read this and simultaneously hold on to those shopping bags.

But most importantly, hold on to that page, cause it would save you from a lot of things, ignorance, lies, fallacies and probably cause your death, if you try reading this whilst crossing the road or doing your chores. You might also want to write your will before reading this cause it’s going to blow your mind, not the good way unfortunately  😒 . I can recommend a lawyer though, and even help you pay him with a cheque written on a clean book and with black ink. You know as Tribesmen 😏 lol.
So now the story… Hold up! Why exactly are you still reading this? You’re curious enough to read a story or still expecting something smart as usual? You know what, I am no longer telling the story, and don’t roll your eyes at me cause I already told you to stop reading this like 500years ago? And I’m just filling this blank spaces with words like I am supposed to, see? Filled! That’s the thing about expectations, they prepare you, grasp your attention, numb out your feelings.. until they snap you in half when you are unprepared and break you into pieces you’re going to take time to mend together( lol sorry, that’s a bit graphic)
Now there is something peculiar about this article, the fact that you’re still reading it shows how inquisitive the human mind is, always expecting something, you can’t stop, it’s addictive. You stand on a cliff and someone pushes you mistakenly, you immediately expect death cause you are going to fall 50feets, but what If you don’t and you hung on a twig?(please don’t try this at home, school, or anywhere). You take that big step and you already expecting yourself to fail woefully. I’m going to tell you to stop! Stop expecting something erratic from your life or decisions surrounding your existence, and like you were  expecting when you continued reading this. Expect something good, and even if it doesn’t fall out as planned please prepare yourself, and get right back.
The world is full of challenges, different phases set to break and make us. Humans are lazy , so we all need a bit of stretch to make us see our boundaries and abilities. Thank you for reading, but I’ll like for you to take decisions that would bring out the positive outlook of things. I am going through mine too, and it could be tasking, but I’ll forever be The Victoria that didn’t quit. Viola! We always win!

My perception of tiredness, heavy hearts and unwanted thoughts

Your favorite Tribesman,
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Photos by this very cool artist, whose works I found on Pinterest amongst the others 😁
I love you!

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