Unveiling the Matriarch- A Feminist

Unveiling the Matriarch, is a feature of Young Females waxing Strong in the believe of Gender Equality and the Intellectual Strength of Females.
Asking a few Questions to open our minds about these people and Ineffable believes.
“Strong is a Woman, Who knows her worth”An Introduction?
My name is Odejide Janet Ibukunoluwa
I’m 25years old, 25years, 9 months and 2 days old (at the time of the interview)

A Graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, with a degree in Microbiology, I’m also a project management professional, British Project Management Academy.
What are your most recent achievements?
Janet: My most recent achievements are, being the Vice President of the HIV/AIDS program, which is also a Pre-Education Training, during my Youth Service. During that time I helped in facilitating a No of activities @ the CDS Level, after then I’ve been involved in some Volunteer work With Jarkin NGO on a SEED project, that involved schools. Also worked with Oluwakemi’s Memorial Foundation (NGO) that’s asthma based, helping people with asthma, and I was a program officer during that time & helped co-ordinating community advocacy & do program works basically. I think those are my most recent achievements. Others would be too far behind to address.
Are you a Feminist and Why
Janet: My being a feminist…
*she smiles*
I don’t think I’ve a direct answer for that, But there are things I strongly believe, and I feel that you should make your deductions as to if I’m a feminist, from that amount. I believe that there’s equality at work( all forms of work), I also believe that a woman should not be allowed to let her dreams die/ suffer because of her male counterparts. I also believe (strongly believe), that women are probably not as physically strong, unless questioned, but can achieve as much & more than her male counterparts can. I think that’s it for me.
What/ Who is a feminist?
Janet: I’m of the opinion that, A feminist is a person that believes in the emancipation of the female gender. It’s bringing to question, the partisan society & Favoritism of the male gender, based on gender alone.
I believe a feminist is someone, who decides to question Favoritism, so if you find a Male & Female, qualified in ABCD, the reason why the Female should be let go, shouldn’t be because of her gender, not because the person is perceived to be emotionally weak, not because of just gender basically. Unfortunately, the society which we find ourselves ( Worldwide, not just in Africa), Favors the Male Gender. So I believe a Feminist would come to question & kick against such. A Feminist can be male or female.

Equality of Gender/ Termination of the Other Gender. (My Favorite question honestly)
Janet: That’s a quite straightforward question. Equality of the gender, Not necessarily termination of the other gender. There needs to be a balance in the world, & time and time over again, termination/ annihilation of a species to favor another, usually leads to problems, So let’s just leave it at Equality of Gender.
How do you hold yourself a pedestal for promoting “equality for all women ” & how do you treat Women who do not agree with you?
Janet: As regards that, there’s something I believe, It’s that if you want something to work you approach it with an open mind, but if you don’t want it to work( especially laws) you enforce it in people. You can’t force a Believe system, you just can’t force people to believe whatever you believe in. So how do you make people, who wouldn’t believe in the ideology of feminism hold on to there pedestals? The truth is, I think it’s your action your matters, and then your results reflects the belief you’re trying to preserve. Once they see the results you’re getting, once they can feel them, they may not say they’re feminists, but they believe deeply in their hearts, they’ll considerably be feminists.

What results would get to change their mind?
Janet: The fact that by defying odds you get to live your dreams and you pave way for other females to do same. They see a happy you. A fulfilled you.
What about ladies who believe strongly that we are just bluffing and there’s nothing like that. Because we often tell men to treat us right and fragile. And then we go ahead saying we are equal in stance with them. Are we hypocrites?
Janet: That answers itself, the fragility in this context, is talking about physical strength, But I’m of the opinion that feminism is all about mental & intellectual strength, If a person is not sidelined, because of what they have been made to be. Imagine, Questioning why would have a Female boss. When she’s very well qualified, but is “Female”. So that’s the stance, the Message.
And You’re not in a place to change anyone’s mind. You know. It’s her decision. And this is yours…own it ! And hone it!

What are the Objectives of Feminism in Africa?
Janet: The objective of Feminism in Africa is that every African Woman regardless of her geography, Autobiography, is able to have the same opportunities as her male counterparts, having the freedom to possess the same skills that he has. And that she’s able to even break the barriers of the inability to do particular things, based on her gender, I think that’s the focus of feminism in Africa. And the biased opinion Against women in Africa should be demolished. Of course, it can’t be abruptly done, it’s going to take a very long time. But there has to be intentional actions to ensure that takes place.
Do you see Nigerian women as privileged compared to other African Countries?
Janet: I think in that particular regards, some Nigerian women could be called privileged. If you think about the fact that the richest african woman is Nigerian, and some other facts…you could say well Nigerian women are lucky but when faced with statistics of mortality during childbirth, female genital mutilation, HIV transmission rate and all of that. You begin to re-incide that decision.
What do you feel about Male Rape?
Janet: I would opine that Male rape is one of the understated or under publicized vices affecting our world right now. In Nigeria for example 1 in 10 cases of teenage male rape cases are reported. This signifies that there are other statistics not being captured. Then again we live in a society that thrives on denial….so we deny that male rape doesn’t occur. Also, the fact that the male gender is perceived to be strong defeats reportage of rape cases.
Do you really think being able to walk around topless is a freedom that women need to live a good life?
Janet: As per being topless… I believe that the breasts are sexual and sensual organs. That being said, in the same manner I would be averse to seeing dicks swing in my face.
The same would apply to breasts. My thoughts are that the topless concept defeats objectification of the female gender.

What exactly do women need to live to good life?
Janet: To live the good life…you need to be yourself not what other people say and not what others want or the society wants.
In conclusion..
Janet: Life is a gift. Live it like its precious.
Thanks so much for your correspondence
Janet: You’re welcome..
You could reach Janet on IG @instagram.com/odejide.janet.i
This was a protracted interview but the results were beautiful. Janet was very Pragmatic about her Ineffable opinions.
And I sincerely was inspired. At a point I started grinning, Lol.
My opinion about the idea of feminism is that we are more challenged every single day, as the world comes to these realizations & revelations, because people come with different predilections towards the concept.
So if you feel she should have answered this questions In a particular way.
I’ll be awaiting your ideas and reviews
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  1. I loved reading this. She’s so brillaint. I liked the way she answered the question about girls being hypocrites. I definitely believe that a girl shouldn’t be limited because of her gender. And you know we always talk about it. But we need to walk it also. I need to start doing that . Great post. Unveiling the Matriarch

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