Ake festival

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Unveiling the Matriarch- Chika Unigwe (An author)

Tribesmen, in the midst of the current world pandemic. Please find peace and rest with God. Also keep an healthy lifestyle, practice social distancing, stay away from crowded places and most importantly report any symptoms of the Covid-19 to the appropriate authority. I love you. Tvo 💙 Hello Family, I’m glad to have the Amazing …

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My Ake Festival experience (1)

Lace dresses are for inaugurations or formal events (says the voice inside my head), but mama’s going to wear it anyway! So, in other to get myself fully prepared for any form of atmosphere, I put on a short sleeve lace dress made by Tash Apparel, simple ballerina flats and a matching headband to vibe with all the positive energy I was already giving off. Nothing prepared me for what was going to come after…