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Reindicting a Past self

The most important thing that grasps me, is becoming who we want to be – Tope Folarin

The synod is a group church leaders who are in charge of making decisions and laws related to the church. Here you’re part of the Tribal Synod.

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Within these past months I’ve moved from one mental phase to another, a position of self-discovery, a path to discover truths and myths. I’ve made progress, I’ve retraced my mistakes.
I had to hibernate (I still am) and understand my life’s purpose whilst trying to sync it with the actual point of my life I’m in right now.

My blog suffered from this reawakening decision (hurtfully, immensely), likewise many other important things (and are still suffering) – my relationships, my content career, my interpersonal relationships, articles I should have written, my photography lessons, so much.

Fortunately I didn’t, I was all curled up, enjoying a spiritual atmosphere I so much savored and craved for.
I know this might sound selfish but I really enjoyed my mind, I enjoyed this moment of self valuation and that I can never trade. Sometimes reading my blog brings me this atmosphere, I love the thrill of it, the promise.

My mind blocked so many inputs even from myself , article ideas I should have penned down (lol, I still remember, don’t hurt me! 😂), my volunteer work, my social media platforms, and many others.
Intentionally, I built a wall on the inside and I’m still holding on to that wall – even though sometimes these motives are unintentional for me, I also feel the need to recoil, be invisible and really drink good tea or coffee.

I’m not suffocating, but I believe in taking more air everytime, because I discovered that contrary to what I initially believed, I’m bigger than a balloon and the air that might cause a balloon to rise can’t cause my airplane to drift.

Amazing picture of Victoria's amazing hand

An eagle cannot feed on pringles, you know.

However Tribesmen, in my presence or absence, remember our vision:
To build a network of creatives (particularly Africans), who would decompose the ill fated mindset portrayed by the west for Africans. And raising a society which preaches, resonates Africa, believes in growth and development position. Even a society of cultural enthusiastic, patriotic Africans, literary gourmets! We just want to live our lives young and African!

Victoria's hand

Thanks for walking life with me,
With Love,

Next blog post on the Ake Festival 2019 this weekend!
Anticipate 🌈

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6 thoughts on “Reindicting a Past self”

  1. This is such a relatable post for any creative (or person with passion for something). There are times when we feel down, feel drained and are swallowed by our worries. During this time i feel it is important that we look at how far we have come, what we have become and see the growth. Appreciate that growth the commend ourselves for such work we have done.

    life is life and would come with many moods. in all we must remember that we are on a journey, and enjoy the process to who we are becoming.

    beautiful one Victoria! I definitely missed your blog and your beautiful use of words.

    I hope you are in a stable place now and genuinely feel joyful writing.

    1. Thank you so much love for your comment and I’m genuinely grateful for your comment. I’m really growing and getting better, and I also discovered that these things just come so we can evolve and focus on those things that would help us transcend into our greater selves.

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