I have learnt that combining various passions enables me to produce unconventional, memorable art.

Hello, I'm Victoria

I am a Content Manager that can function in various capacities.
As a Content Writer, Content Strategist, Project Manager and Web Designer. I manage projects from start to finish. From inception: monitoring and the development of an editorial and marketing strategy, to community management, web development, SEO, SMO and overall digital communication for any business/organization.

Content Marketing & Strategy.

With my experience and education as a content writer and developer, I have created research-based content for online and in-print platforms such as HIVERSA, 8MG Africa, Studenthubng and the MINT Gallery Magazine, delivering impactful content within the stipulated time frame.

  • In my current role as a Content Developer at Digital Figures, I write and edit articles, blogs, social media posts, ebook content, email sequence and digital copy. Research assigned topics for blogs and articles, which may include background research on services and
    target demographics. Collaborate with the marketing team, Graphic Designers, and Developers to brainstorm and develop
    creative content ideas. Source for photographs, graphics or videos to accompany written content.
  • In my role as the Creative Director of TVOTRIBE, I coordinate other members of the content team ensuring that we develop content based on the requirement such as different content for the website, marketing campaigns, videos & blog features.
  • As a skilled content marketer, I have learnt to track the Key Performance Indicators to analyze content performance and suggest improvements.
  • I make use of search engine optimization strategies and tools like SEMrush to regularly perform keyword research, to consistently develop engaging content and maximize the traffic on the website/blogsite.
  • I am also a member of Global Affairs Writers Association and Art Curator for CHILD by TVO.

Key Competencies: Digital media, Brand awareness, SEO Writing, Content Strategy, Content distribution, WordPress Web development, Web content Writing, Marketing campaigns.

My comprehensive knowledge of graphic design and various content placement and management systems also makes it easy for me to build completely customized websites and web pages. This includes websites with advanced features such as eCommerce functionality, SEO Optimization and integrations that can drive leads and generate sales.

Brand Management and Promotion

My core competencies include; writing project proposals, editing brand manuals, overseeing creation and execution of content.

Brands I’ve worked with include; 

Speakings and Engagements

Spoken at:

  • The Productivity Mindset Show
  • Platform Incorporated 
  • Ibadan Youth Hub 

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