Pat Your Back

Album: 21

Artist: TheVictoriaO

Genre: Spoken Word/Electronic

Pat your Back is a spoken word piece created to idolize healing. Every sound, word and beat was synchronized to ensure that the soul can find healing through the body.

Tell your body, “You are not weak”

This soul piece becomes a mantra for every soul grieving, loving and becoming.

Release Date: 15/02/22

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21 by TheVictoriaO

Album: 21

Artist: TheVictoriaO

Genre: Spoken Word

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21 is a soul piece rid of earthly mockery. It is a body of work that highlights my transitioning into Adulthood. Themes featured includes struggle, struggling silence, struggling fears, adulthood, anxiety, love, identity, everything that I identify with as human.
These struggles are what I envisioned will be tied with adulthood.

It’s comical because creating this album was tied between the essence of it. It was hard finding space, time, everything necessary to give this creative piece the beauty it deserves.

Battling school, work, showing up to give my body, soul and spirit to my creative side. Finding the strength to persist in faith. All that vibe, all that energy my art resonates. It was necessary that I created this.

This is a very necessary story.

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