3 Years In the Blogging Game! And I definitely have so many stories to tell.

ThevictoriaO evolved from so many tales, and I would let you on some. Three years ago, by a corner of my wheat painted room, and on my 24″ bed, I took my laptop and let myself out to the internet. Now it was not a deliberate thing, in fact it was never supposed to be an insider on my personality or abilities to the world. My first Tagline was “my internet diary” (nope I did not read about a teenage girl with an internet diary on wattpad)

*rolls eyes* Judgement

And my very short first post I’m so great I am Jealous of myself, was an hypocritical rant on gibberish and it seemed like were life was practically beautiful for me and I was exclusively jobless (which I was by the way). At that point in my life, I was basically existing without triumph and self trust. I was acquitted to a lot of perfection and surrounded by flawlessness that I lost believe in myself and gain trust in my being inferior to every one else. However, as contradictory as it might seem, this blog made me realise what my life was all about and the impact I was yet to make (or never going to make if I continued in my insecurities).

Now Insecurities are inevitable for the Human race because we are sometimes not always getting everything we want from life and finding the right type of people to loosen up to and cuddle around might be impossible. However, the truth is squeezing in all the gust, grieve and pain you feel might eventually make you come out as a shattered green gyve. Breathe. Please.

So in honour of my 3 years anniversary , I am going to list the short steps I took trying to “grow up” and gain well “most of my confidence”

  • Acknowledge you are still growing: Right now, I am in a phase when I am subject to so many faults and I do not really get a pat on my back when I make little mistakes, but I am different now, I don’t get that email from that editor. mehh . He finds my work stupid and not educative. googles “how to make your work less stupid and more educating”. It’s just the trick of life. They can never take away your smart from you. Hold on to your growing phase and never let anyone shame you or deface you. You own you.
  • Seek God. Yes please, this is the simple truth. Half the time we worry about situations only a word from God can solve. God is a reminder that no matter how shitty this world could get, someone’s always got your back.
  • Listen: To God, people, friends, frienemies, enemies, books, random person at the store. I got most of my support from reading books to be honest. I read Les Brown, Ben Carson, Rich Dad Poor Dad and the likes but until I started acting out all that information, I was as dumb as ..I was.
  • Relationships: Please build active relationships at church, work, home or anywhere you spend your day majorly. Anybody can help, please don’t be a snub. And I am exclusively not talking about “assumed relationships”, let whoever you are looking up to know what they mean to you, ill to the ego. You don’t know if you have similar histories, you don’t know if he/she has similar insecurities and tries to hide them perfectly.
  • Make the best of your situation. Engage in something you are good at or almost good at and track your progress chain. Pray for creative ideas. Do your thing and nah, don’t copy

Truth is, I am still growing and giving my best out at every opportunity I have, I am really glad you made it this far in this post. Please take a few minutes to acknowledge your efforts this far in life and how much has changed about you at this point. I’d love for you to please drop comments on other methods you use to conquer your insecurities and if this post has helped you in anyway.

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Always Growing.

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