Modern activism vs Past activism

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Every Region, Province, State or Nation had a point where there was little or no transparency, connection between the government and its citizens. A point where the interests of the people were ignored by the Government or the interests of the Government not seconded by the people.

Modern activism versus past activism on
Modern Activism vs Past Activism

Various modes of communication were used to emphasize interests. Activism was one of them. Whether violent or subtle, activism has proved to “almost always” communicate the present needs of the people to those in charge. It brings these concerns to immediate resolution, especially for the Youths.

Now that the indignant youths have been reproved and called “lazy” and the attention seeking leaders “hardworking”, may we take a lapse in time to view our Nation’s rebuilding?

I tried tracing Activism to as farback, as the first democratic rule in Nigeria. I also laid down some notable changes in the trend of activities and response by the Government.

Activism in the early late 90’s

  •  Radicality
  •  Unionism
  • A need for change
  • Death for a reasonable cause
  • Immediate restitution by Government
  • Rural rugged student leaders and activists.

Modern Activism

  • Silent, Salient Twitter Protests and battles
  • Suspension of Student movements
  • Political tolerance
  • Lack of unified interests and co-operation.
  • Sympathy and unseriousness
Modern activism or past activism on
Modern Activism vs Past Activism

I’m curious, am I the only feeling like Activism is fading out? or is it right to see our interests fade away in a dim light? Is education no longer a priority? Have we all abandoned ourleaders and left them to do their own?

Yes! Violence is never the answer, but if you don’t speak out you would never get an answer.

Apparently,  there can be many reasons for Activism to be ineffective in Nigeria today,  so I did a quick survey. I asked a few familiar individuals,here are my answers:

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4 thoughts on “Modern activism vs Past activism”

  1. Activism is Nigeria has been on a decline for a very long time and even the few that are trying to be activists, the citizens are attacking them and making them think what they are doing is wrong, beyond the law and corruption that doesn’t give room to activism, citizens should stop attacking those that are trying to communicate the needs/issues of the citizens to the government too…. activism is not bad though if it’s done with common sense/intelligence and I do not support the violent form! lai lai!

  2. Lamina Oluwadamilare

    The one that lacks common sense for me is the one that involves violence, there’s never common sense in violence…

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