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Olùkọ́ - Ojo, Aderemi


The book is a personal history of the author who has roamed his country of birth, especially the western part of it, since childhood. Constructed within the context of culture and the social-politics of Nigeria, the book demystifies the maligned view of young Nigerians. Replete with funny stories that reminds every Nigerian of youthful age and of their childhood years, in part, it is a personal history, but could be taken to be the Nigerian version of a public and private manifesto.

Cover page dear successor

Dear Successor


In direct succession to the administration I led, a new Student Union administration is being inaugurated today in my University. I was going to write a 600 word article to signal my “exit”, then God’s gift of inspirational anger set in. 600 words became 20 pages of disruptive thinking. I titled it: _Dear Successor_

You should read it.

Content Creation Masterclass Ebook

At my Content Creation Masterclass, we were able to dialogue the effectiveness of good content, teach how to create one and help strategize ways to help every startup brand grow. This book is a compiled tutorial ebook highlighting the process of planning, writing and editing content, typically for digital marketing purposes.

Creating Blog Magic


Learning how to blog is like taking your first try at the treadmill. If you don’t hold on to something, you might lose your footing. This book is to help you hold on to your blog on succeed at making it the best that you can.

Eight nights without Nate, his bestfriend and roommate is about to have the worse time of her life. 

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