Is Austerity Really Cruel?

I keep on, striving
You leave me, thriving
Still here, Crying
Seeking for you to give me
A chance to make you happy
But you don’t let me
Let’s stay together, dreaming
Dream together, fulfilling
Hearts together, loving
Hold me close
And let me love you
But you don’t let me
What can I do when
You walk away, leaving
Screaming at you, wailing
Your voice hurt me, resounding
Don’t let go
We could fix this
But you don’t let me
Now I’ve found strength, living
Brave and high, levitating
No more anguish, celebrating
Because I’ve found life in myself
And it won’t let me go
Cause I won’t let it

Most times we always try and try to fix everyone’s broken pieces, whilst carrying a bunch of unpredictable turmoils behind our smiles.
We go through the hard labor of the society. The failures, sadness, mischiefs and commotion but we end up cooing about the success, happiness, solemn and well planned out life of those we look on to.
I’m not going to explain how everyone has a problem and talk about the quite common remarks; everyone hides a pain behind their smile, the ones that seem happy are the most broken. Blah blah
I just want to ignite that motivation you, me or anyone may the lacking cause it could be reprimanding. It depends on what you’re stuck with.
The difference between a dried leaflet and a green one, is not only the life the latter possess, but also because it has a grip, a force, that branch keeping it during windy days, so it holds on no matter what, unlike the dried leaflet, that just keeps on going as it tossed by the wind.
So why not have it checked?
Yes you’re striving, thriving to help fix something or someone while hanging for your dear life. The former is beautiful and necessary, but don’t leave yourself behind. Hold on to something, if always helping makes you feel better, stick to it, but if you’re hiding in a facade, please free yourself. Save yourself.
In Motion;
– Realize your mistakes and find what drives you
– Never Ever think less of yourself
– You’re alive for a reason, hold on to that little hope you’ve and build faith out of it, you’re going to be fine.
– And yes keep helping people, it’s consoling, but never leave yourself out, you might get cold on the inside.
…any more suggestions.. please kindly comment
Do you think it’s okay to be self-regarding sometimes?
I’ll love a feedback.
Have a Great weekend!
Sorry for the long wait 😓

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