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What’s all this about? 
Whilst growing up, I had an idea of the adire fabric, it never ceased to amaze me, how dyes and chemicals could be diluted, and suddenly a clean napkin can be filled with beautifully lined colors and designs.
Drums, god I loved them, resonating sounds, often inclined to the skilled. Bantu, Bata, Sculptures and ancestral deities from past ages, found in the belly of the earth, reviving our history.
There’s nothing more even like ink on a well-laid canvas, like foldings and beautifully written words that inspire and age back for years beyond, photography that breeds history and defines our culture even in modern civilization. All these algorithms bring us back to what laid us down to define human purpose.
What leads to us evolving, creating different expressions of life experiences, ecstasy, emotions, and lust. Feeding in all the expectations of the world right now, it’s grand to know what really inspired the cause of their actions; What defines their creativity.
Makes it spectacular.
Makes them Nigerian.
What is different about that ink or canvas or lines or strokes and curves and color and beauty that persists greatly in our personality.
What makes us Nigerian?
In my Course to subject these creatives, I found out that young artists like myself exist, not only interested in the drills, but also in the knowledge that lies beneath.
Why are you here? 
Yes, I have been expecting you for a while now, wise one, I am grateful you found me. Here there is only one identity to be, and that is a Tribesman; One sees the soul of another and bathes it with gracious knowledge and providence. We are Storytellers. Please join me

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