Happy Birthday TVO

2ND APRIL 2023

About Me

Victoria Olajide

Hi, I’m Victoria (TheVictoriaO) and its my birthday today (2nd April 2023).

I am a Creative Writer and Director.

As a visual storyteller and director, I create engaging stories with a focus on Poetry, Identity, Womanhood, Afrocentrism and Culture.

It means a lot that you will go through this page and share my birthday with me.

I appreciate you!



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Of broken glass and reflections

I have a very annoying friend that would always tease me about releasing a poem or being very poetic for my birthdays. I guess I haven’t exactly broken his jinx. Because the next few words may hit like a poem. Or maybe a verse off a poem, I’m not entirely sure. But I feel how I feel when I write poetry. I feel the subtle linings of foreigners in my veins gushing off surreal words and lines and images. All feeling so pleasant and…well…foreign? Sorcery hushing off my lips in a really gentle tone that often leaves me breathless, I sometimes wonder how I find the strength to finish, to take it to the end without…breathing. In and out this poem escapes me…released into a life of its own. Making me wonder if I had only been a passage or a sage, stealing these words without thinking…without reflecting…with no references. So forgive me if once again I share a very shady poem on my birthday. It flows within my veins.

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