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Spoiler Alerts

little ol’Victoria loves reading, and spoiling other people’s curosity with spoiler alerts. If you are not sure how that book’s going to be. I might have read it and could give you an hint. *insert wink*

  • Children of Blood and Bone -Tomi Adeyemi. Beware of African blondes, they might be your SuperHero.

  • Death and the King’s horseman- Wole Soyinka. Be patient with death and eulogies.

  • The Alchemist 1- Micheal Scott.. two spoiler alerts actually. Beware of a twin that loves vanilla ice cream, she might steal your shine. Beware of that genius Library Man too, he might be an Immortal.

  • The Time traveller’s wife – Audrey Niffenegger. If you marry a “time traveller”, make him/her swallow a drape of clothing before they sleep. You don’t want to imagine what would happen when they don’t. 

  • Hunger Games (series) – Suzanne Collins. If you ever find yourself picking left over bread from a bakery, you might eventually get stuck in a suicide game. 

  • Alice in wonderland – Lewis Carroll. Head! Big head!


  • The fault in our Stars – John Green. – It’s a perfect mix of romance, tragedy and the reality of how frail life is. (Review by David Akoki) 

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