Can you think of a six letter synonym of bibelot that starts with the letter g?no? Crossword puzzle whizz might guess words like “gewgaw” and “gimcrack”.
“Bibelot” which English speakers borrowed from French, has uses beyond wordplay. In addition to its general use as a synonym of trinket, it can refer specifically to a miniature book of elegant design (say Tiffany, Faberge) also appears in the names of diverse restaurants and show dogs
Lol, seriously just had to “try” explaining it so we could relate this things together. Just as bibelot means a small household ornament or decorative object, so does the opinions of our heart fits in our mindset, and pouring out this honest opinions really speaks into our Reality. Deciphering whatever we imagine to be or make ourselves is only one step forward, but working it out with God and our mind, being and heart is only making the big step.
Having come to realizing these paths, let’s try setting our objectives.
“What is the worth of worldly treasures?
That we’re boasting we can find,
If we still need a compass
Just to get around our mind?”
This month I’ll have a rethink my objectives, I feel like, I’ve only being making efforts to sob at my especially boring depressing life, and trust me it leads to melancholy. Either way I’ll set my goals, reorganize my paths. I feel like I’ve got to read more, not particularly school books (pfft.. like I even made effort towards those lately).. But more creative, motivational, world-exploring books .I’m taking any honest suggestion towards achieving this objective though
I think I really have to broaden my social life, create relationships and try to maintain those relationships, I feel like giving up my introverts life, to say, an extroverted introvert one .Hope that’ll be productive.
I feel like , I only just visualize my style, and creativity, I’m going to sprout those babies , till I can satisfy my mind enough to feed the world with my imagery and imaginations.
Try to; boost up my spiritual life big time, cause it’s the only thing balancing my psychological and all “virtues of life” Scale right now.
God being faithful, I’ll try to be the best I can this month, be more active on the blog. Find the compass around my mind and set it to all these products God as purposely brought to my reach… during my indefinite break from school, I think I’ll try to satisfy these liberties and live a treasurable self-set world.yay!
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