Hello guys. So as aforementioned I really really love traveling. The Insight, Air, Fun, the whole combination makes me hype. I’m aspiring globetrotter so I might as we travel around my country before furthering my scope. Traveling Is like letting your guard down, going with the flow, making everything imperfect yet perfect to the last detail. I’d love that you join me as I tour this city, hosting the capital of my Great Country, filled with rustlings, yet Peace, Comforts yet pleasurable distress. Abuja is a world on its own. You’re welcome to my world.
Let’s walk in together!

Hazy Welcome

Traveling to Abuja was a mix of a load of things, Let’s just say the Beggining of my adventures. Like a mish mash of dust, roadblocks, military uniforms, ancient beautiful Rocks. I decided to make it a road trip because I wanted the whole experience. I didn’t really get to take enough pictures but don’t worry. We’ll make up for that later. So it was a over 8hours trip, following a pattern of lagos – Ibadan – Ekiti State (akoko) – Ondo – kabba – Obajana – Lokoja then Abuja!. We had to take off early In the Morning tho. The weather was quite soothing, got to see ile ife at Osun state, it was very fascinating. Incase during road trips you vomit because of the continous motion or nausea you could take am mint, gum or ginger anyone that works personally. I really loved Lokoja, an home for Rocks, Plains, Mountains so many beautiful views, you get to see what your Geography teacher was always bluffing about. Seeing the largest cement factory in Africa left me hanging It was Wow.
There was alot of security check points tho, every nook and crook there was road block, soldiers with stern faces stop the vehincle, ask for your destination and purpose. I understand the tight security though, with the recent attacks on the northern part of the country, it’s better safe than sorry. We stopped for a few snacks @lokoja. Like my whole body was aching so much. We got back and there was this very long expressway to Abuja. When we got to Gwagwalanda, pheww, I was delighted. The busstop was quite far, but Abuja was so cool,  there was this serenity, In the central north it’s quite dominated by hausas’. I really love being in another environment like breathing new Air. And so friendly and welcoming. Even my drop (Cab). I’ll keep you updated about everything, my journey was Great either way. Please tell me if this little info helped. You’re welcome.

Torie ❤

As I was driven to the Murtala Muhammed airport, Ikeja, by the cabman; that was ranting about how lucky I was to have taken the cab a discounted price (Drama). I was having mixed emotions…
-Should I have gone on a road trip?
-What if I had my flight delayed?
-would I have a story to write about whilst staring at the misty windows for One and a half hour
But all this feelings evaporated when I thought of how, I’ll be able to create an adventure out of my journey. Checking in was quite fast, the whole taking everything on you off shebang (watches, shoes). I forgot to take my lotion out of my hand bag, when it went through the scanner machine, it made a messy spill in my bag. So, I got in, and the long wait for our flight to be called persisted. Unfortunately for me there was no one my age group in sight, I was considerably surrounded by zombies, weird people, that are either always typing things(I guess numbers) on their mobile  or making calls and walking around like meanders(normal people call them businessmen) I call them exhibitionists. Enough of the loathe.
Finally, the call came (after the flight was delayed for yet another 30mins), I tried to organize myself, before I made another dramatic entrance with my lotion spilling bag. So I joined the queue for boarding passengers, and things were going smoothly until I almost bumped into this guy( so much for the organization), he then did the weirdest thing, He smiled and said “na kwana”, I was filled with excitement, Was grinning when I replied “na kwana”. We continued the conversation in English however till we got into the bus taking us to the runway.
That leads us to the first question, do I look Hausa? Because I hadn’t even board the flight and was already getting the Hausa vibes around me. Then going to the runway, identifying our luggage, I lost him in the Airplane, when I had to find my sit, then the universe decided to mock me once again placing me in between, serious looking, phone tapping, and call making “exhibitionists”. I survived.
The call came in, fasten your belts, emergencies, blah blah…. I stared outside a bit, fastened my seat belt, placed my bag beneath the seat in front of me, took out my novel ”olodumare”, and started reading. Taking off was beautiful, the ever promising sight of buildings thinning has we went higher in altitude and how they suddenly become faint and gradually you’re surrounded by misty clouds, the imaginations those clouds create and the dearth to feel the clouds and smell the air.
We arrived 1hr 30mins after takeoff; I retrieved my luggage and took a cab to my apartment.
I had a humorous ride home, my cab man was quite chatty but interesting.
Flying to Abuja was a motivation towards my tour within it. I hope this tad bit information was helpful! Let’s tour Abuja together.
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Hear No Evil

Kweyve’s HeART
I walked in the Studio with a warm welcome, then I saw it, the Art it found me.
Location: Maison The Cafe, Wuse 2, Abuja.
Event: Art Exhibit and Paint class
Recently I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Regality and Art, I really search for deep interpretations to my choice of movies( mostly documentaries), writings, novels and Art. Searching for a place where I could fix in my head, and plug in my rummaging soul, sounds quite uneasy but would be quite interesting to find.
So during one of my quests, I stumbled upon a new fish, cold blooded, but could feed my soul.
The place was quite, except for the clicks of the camera, and chatter of other artisans, but i was not there
I was deeply inside the heART
One by one, I’ll show you different doors, you can see in your heart
Through Kweyve’s heART
– Prayers of our Grandmothers

Whenever you go to your Grams( if you still have one). She “sometimes ” mentions that she always wish to die before her kids, and that she’s grateful to have you has her grandchild.
This picture only depicts the soul of the present generation, whose sun is rising to the horizon, your Grandmothers prayers guide you, so does your mothers, now it’s left to you to give strength to the latter.
– The warrior

This is one of my favorites ( If not my favorite) . I don’t see the title in her costume, Nope I see it in her eyes, a warrior has a worked face, a face that has faced so many shifts and quivering lips. Are you a warrior? Kweyve’s ink and brush are questioning?
– The Nurturer.

Calm your spirits little one; this one says to me… the best is yet to come.
– The healer.

Searches for your weariness, deeply in your soul are eyes can reach.
– The Regal One;

I found myself in this one, A limitless Soul.
– The Intellect.
A wise heart finds one of her own, so her justice won’t mean dishonor
This ones are Quite Recent and with delightful ideas
– Speak no Evil
– See no Evil

– Sisters

The Artist’s passion dates back to her College days, and not until recently did she publicize her exceptional creativity.
Thanks for the attention!
Bringing reports to you live from Abuja!
Lol, I hope you had a good glance of the heART right there.
📸 by me


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