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Victoria Olajide, [born April 2, 2000 in Lagos, Nigeria] is a creative writer, author, speaker, philanthropist, woman right advocate and social entrepreneur.

Victoria Olajide is a Nigerian creative writer whose works are reckoned with nationally and internationally, devoted to promoting African creatives and the African beauty.

The visual storyteller and Poet by her works and impression has been what can be described as a blessing to the creative sphere within Africa.

At 21, She is already a professional writer, Mentor, Author, Editor, Spoken word Artist, Creative Director, WordPress Developer; Social Entrepreneur; Content Strategist and Traveler.

Community sustains sanity and society – Victoria Olajide

Victoria Olajide is already the founder of TVO Tribe; a platform where writers and artists commune to debate, critique and progress their crafts and to promote the advancement of
literature within African Communities.
All these achievements stemmed from her father’s library and teachings; Mr Olajide, who happens to be a seasoned educator and a writer. Ever since her hands touched the visual works of Enid Blyton collection and the poetry of Shakespeare; Olajide Victoria, has sworn in a covenant with African Art and literature, Afrocentrism.

Through Creative writing, she has been featured on many platforms; the Kalahari review magazine, CHILD, Mint Gallery Magazine, Voices of Youth, Best of Africa, Women Hub Mgazine, TVO tribe and much more (check features here)

She has also worked as a contributor and collaborator with Mint Gallery Magazine and Yusuff Aina.

As part of her interest in promoting creativity, art and culture, Victoria also mentors members in TVOTRIBE and offers teachings on creative writing.

The measure of Victoria Olajide cannot be captured yet, neither can there be a biography that completely envelopes her, for she has just started greatly and her wings are already taking flight as her destination is at the Galaxy where stars reside.

No doubt, Victoria Olajide’s influence in art and her passion to resuscitate African art, shows she is definitely the future of African Art. She is indeed Africa’s next changemaker.

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