Ruler of a Creativity Niche
I blog, write, take pictures behind and in front of the camera and love Art.
This blog is an expression of my creative cravings, I hope you’re hungry as I am, you’re welcome ❤️

 I am just a girl who discovered that surviving on one niche might be compressing my ideas so I tried exploring all my interests. And bringing them to you on a platter of words synced with dramas, pictures and eulogies. Never feel like you don’t belong here. We belong together!

Like the Tagline Suggests, this blog might be featuring on three major concepts, but basically lifestyle. So if you are new here, here are some tips to get around.

The African Writer

This Category suggests My Opinion and Perception of different flaws in the society. it also includes criticisms and rants. You can never be bored. Here’s a list of Blog posts under that Category.


The Nitty-Gritties of that Spectacular African Culture.


What it feels like to be a growing Nigeria teenager with peculiar interests in politics and patriotism.

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