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Hello, so yeah, today’s only just going to be about life and preferences. No poetic words and literary terms (at least I’ll try to sound less inky and vocal enough)

So, I’ve grown to find out the little obnoxious things that prick teens, my age group. Things we imagine, seek for, our preferences, strengths, growths, and say weakness or dilutions. Most people live a delusional life, but I must say. We take it all over the edge.  And I am not excluded. But you see, I’ve also grown to know (well I feel I know) the things that really matter in life and existence. Things that even when we die, we die with a smile knowing we are very well accomplished. I have a drive and it would be to keep on being knowledge enough, in all areas, like I’m an aspiring Polymath eh.
Every time I really think, I find out that if there’s one thing death and oblivion would agree on, it’s that they’re both inevitable. Tsk, life is visually very easy but literally not a fairytale. If there’s anything life needs from us, it’s “will”. I’m definitely not Einstein or anyone with super intelligence (well I’m taking offers for a brain transplant), but I’m knowledgeable enough to know that knowledge is shared, not sucked up in your faculty. So if you have the chance to help anyone, please be willing. Me, for example, I’m definitely taking corrections, ideas, and captions of any sort by anyone here. Because tbh when I made this blog, didn’t really have the whole blogging thingy idea, just felt like penning down , words in this secret internet diary, and look where that got me. Over, the “years”(2, lol) , I figured that you really don’t always get want you want, and you just ve to let all things go and be tolerant(really tolerant) and a I’ve learnt , most applicable to love. Wholeheartedly, share stupendously and give generously. Love does come around, it’s like recycled paper and the sun, and you just can’t stop them from coming.
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