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21 writing prompts on

21 writing prompts for all who

  • Seek to write and are not inspired
  • Are tired of rewriting that chapter
  • Seek motivation from a genre they are not used to
  • Just want to have fun!

Hello tribesmen,

Hey! Just pick up that pen and write something!
Most times words like this make me feel motivated to write, but on days where your creativity level is waay below normal. Writing prompts might just be the trigger to making that blockbuster novel. And i decided to highlight a few writing prompts that might help. Read along;

An introduction prompt response on

An introduction

1. “Can someone explain to me in small words, why I’m being assigned this mission?”
2. “She told him she trusted him, then when he turned away, she put a gun to his head.”
3. “Her body flecked with scars, it was a puzzle of mistakes she’d never make again.”
4. “He woke up drunk, just as he always did”.
5. “A world where men can be emotional and cry without being ‘unmanly”
6. “I will deny you death, until you beg me for it.”
7. “Write about a funeral from a dead person’s point of view.”
8. “Write a story that would make me unafraid of the dark.”
9. “The city blazed amber! I looked back, amazed I screamed “That’s my favorite color!”
10. “Festac, Lagos. 20 years ago.

1) “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”
“Actually he’s in front of you”
2) “does your mom know what you do for a living?”
“Shut up!”
3) “How the mighty have fallen”
“I just dropped a chocolate bar, stop being dramatic”
4) “I trusted you!”
“Well then, you can’t exactly blame me, that was your mistake, not mine.”
5) “What inspired the painting on the canvas?”
“Blood, lots of it”


– A dying fire.
– A grey fox with silver eyes.
– An eulogy with the voice of the person eulogizing going faint.
– A school girl running and panting heavily.
– Broken glass and barbed wire.

Me: “So what do you think about fish glistening orange greyish cloth worn beside korean Nickelodeon ninjas from east coast leading to the north but still purplish ivory coast guys speaking beside you…”
“Oh, come on! Why are you still reading this”


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Thank you! Hope to see you soon though

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